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Merry Christmas   (UNKOOL201501)
Merry Christma (CD omslag)
Green Christmas, Merry Christmas Baby, Hip Hop, Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee, You're The One1, I Aint Mad At You, Send Me Some Lovin', Let the Good Times Roll, Jello Sal, Honey Merry Christmas
November 2015 - recorded May 2015 (1vocals: Karin Johansson)

Pause'n'Rewind   (UNKOOL201101)
Pause'n'Rewind (CD omslag)
Ding Ring-A-Ding Ding, Hangover, Spend Some Time, Bad Investment Blues1, Pause'n'Rewind, Window View1, Send Me Some Loving, Rauchan, Call Me Up1, Everlasting Love Blues, Gone Gone Gone, Hillbilly Twist, Watch My Signals, Blisters1, One More Time2 Listen
November 2011 - recorded May 2011 (1vocals: Karin Johansson, 2)Live-inspelning)

EVIL TIMES (CD omslag)
Dangling On A String, Another Day, Another Lie, Sarah, Wake Up, I Aint Mad At You, Just Your Fool, I'll Do My Best, Jump Start My Heart, Linda Lee, Rock This Joint, Evil Times, It Hurts Me too1, You're The One1, Dirty1, Tore Up2, Blisters2, Stampen Boogie2, Tell Me3. Listen
Released May 2009 - recorded Nov 2008 (1,2 2006, 3 2005)

EVIL TIMES (CD omslag, andra upplaga)
November 2011 - new pressing (2nd edition)

Unkool and Proud!   (UNKOOL200501)
Unkool and Proud! (CD omslag)
You're The One, Black Diamond, One More Time, Dirty, Matchbox, Love Me If You Want, It Hurts Me Too, Looking At You, One Bad Stud, One Good Reason, Rap is Crap, Wear My Ring, Rooster Shaking Boogie. Listen

Released May 2005 - recorded January, 2003

Right To Rumble   (Yodeler 103)
Right To Rumble (CD cover)
1-2-3-4, Tore Up, Dig That Boogie, Play One More, Right To Rumble, Hillybilly Party, Have You Changed, Don't Get Me Wrong, Regal Boogie, Blisters, Hey Little Girl, Mama Don't Allow, Listen

Released April 2003 - recorded January 18-19, 2003

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Piano Rock'n'Roll vol. 2   (Single)
Piano Rocknroll vol 2
Drinkin Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee / Jello Sal
March 2017

Let the Good Times Roll   (Single)
Merry Christma (CD omslag)
Hip Hop / Let the Good Times Roll
March 2016

Merry Christmas   (Single)
Merry Christma (CD omslag)
Green Christmas / Merry Christmas Baby
November 2015

Piano Rock'n'Roll vol. 1 (Early recordings)   (Single)
Merry Christma (CD omslag)
Sam Phillips Boogie / Shanty Town
December 2014

The Unkool Hillbillies feat. Don Keys
Meanest Poker Player
Bad Investment Blues, You're The One, Dirty, Call Me Up, Hillbilly Twist, Window View
February 2014.

Karin Johansson & The Unkool Hillbillies
Karin & The Unkool Hillbillies
Bad Investment Blues, You're The One, Dirty, Call Me Up, Hillbilly Twist, Window View
Mars 2012.

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Honey, Merry Christmas/All I Want For Christmas (DUSTCD11)  

 All I Want For Christmas (CD cover)
Released October, 2002. "Honey Merry Christmas" recorded on April 26, 2001.

Toe Tappin Song /Friday Nite Rumble, vol 5 (RW-911)  

 Friday Nite Rumble (CD cover)
Released June, 2000. "Toe Tappin Song" recorded on December 29, 1999. This CD is oop, so if you see one - buy it!

Tell Me /The World Of Rock'n'roll, vol 1 (Dynamite)  

 Dynamite (CD omslag)
December 2005. "Tell Me" was recorded in January 2005.

Regal Boogie/Musik-CD 2 (Sond002)

Don't Get Me Wrong/Musik-CD 3 (Sond003)

Blisters /Radio promo disc (KidAntrim Music)  

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