THE UNKOOL HILLBILLIES - Band presentation

Anders Umegård Anders Umegård
Equipment: Acoustic piano or Roland RD700GX
Favourite pianist: Merill E. Moore
Favourite singer: Elvis Presley
Favourite food: Vegan junk food
Favourite drink: Trocadero
Obscure Hobby: Chess
Reads: Noam Chomsky
Hair: Curly
Crusing: Audi 80
Looks at:Ponderosa
Freric Bergström Freric Bergström
Instrument: Double bass
Favourite bas player:Bill Black
Favourite singer: Johnny Cash
Eats: Whatever hilbillies eat
Drinks: White lightning
Mint condition: his 50's cars
Reads: Wheels
Cruising: Always
Looks at: Elvis movies
Stefan Asplund Stefan Asplund
Equipment: Fender Telecaster
Favourite guitarplayer: Chuck Berry
Favourite singer: Tom Jones
Favourite food: Hot Dogs
Favourite drink: Beer
Gravedigger: Yes
Reads: Comics
Hair: Yes
Crusing: US Alfa
Looks at: Bizarre action
Richard Andersson Richard Andersson
Equipment: A whole lotta harps
Favourite harmonicaplayer: Little Walter
Favourite singer: Little Richard
Favourite food: Red fish
Favourite drink: Beer
Obscure Hobby: Boxing
Reads: Top Hat
Hair: Duck tail
Crusing: Cheva Fleetline ´50
Looks at: Charlie Chaplin
Mats Broback Mats Brobäck
Equipment: Cherry red drumkit
Favourite drummer: Hubbe Bergström
Favourite singer: Elvis Presley
Favourite food: Sirup
Favourite drink: Wine
Obscure Hobby: Walking after midnight
Reads: Legion of super heroes
Hair: Flat top
Crusing: Faster and faster
Looks after: House of masses

(photos: Anders, Richard, Stefan: (c)Bertil Oldenburg. Mats, Raimo: Bengt Jakobsson)
Unkool Friends